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I have always understood how important sexuality and intimacy are in the general scheme of my life. Over the past several years I have developed both an increasing desire to understand my relatively high sexual drive and some moderate issues with sexual performance despite my more than healthy libido. I recently began to investigate the possibility of working with someone to explore these areas, and I was lucky enough in my electronic exploration to find Jess. To say that our sessions together have been life-changing is an understatement. It is difficult to express in words how enlightening working with Jess has been, and how much our sessions have improved my understanding and functioning in my various life situations, both sexual and non-sexual. From our first session, it was obvious that Jess has an innate, intuitive ability to understand and relate to any of the myriad sexuality and intimacy issues that one may bring to the party, and she has been spot-on in her assessments of how I feel and am affected by my own particular issues. 


Have you ever had the uncanny feeling that you’ve known someone who you’ve just met for your entire life and that the complete ease with which the two of you can discuss your life’s most intimate aspects is the result of those decades of close friendship? That’s how it feels to work with Jess. She is warm, nurturing, absolutely non-judgemental, and she has been so intuitively accurate in her understanding of my issues that it’s rather disconcerting (but in a good way!). 


If you’re interested in finding a compassionate, thoughtful, and experienced guide through the 21st century’s maelstrom of sexuality and intimacy issues, I absolutely cannot recommend Jess highly enough. Don’t just take my word for it, though; book a session with her…no need to thank me.

Mark T., MI

"You have such an amazing perspective, and I felt I could completely trust you, your advice, your lessons and your practice. I never felt judged, silly or embarrassed and I felt we were truly working together vs. me just telling you my problems."

Daniela Socorro, LA

"I have felt so complete with you and so at peace about my sex life. I feel like I got exactly what I wanted to get from you even though at the time, I did not know what I wanted to get out of working with you."

An Artist, NYC

"I just want you to know how incredible our last session was. The way you help me visualize these aspects of my inner experience makes it easy to navigate these tricky waters. We have only had 4 sessions but I feel I’ve gotten more value out of our time together than any therapist I’ve ever worked with. I shared the insights from our session with my partner last night and she started to cry because she was so happy that I was able to see how my past experiences are contributing to our current situation in such a useful way. I’ve been wanting to work with someone who can guide me safely through these parts of my mind that I can barely stand to look at on my own. I’ve found that guide in you and I look forward to continuing our work together."

Ryan Roi
Tattoo Artist

"Working with Jess has been transformational. She bases her approach to the relationship on her intuitive and practical sense of what is needed and who's actually in front of her, and in my case it was to spend quite a bit of time in the intuitive, visionary spaces. The goals I came in with stretched and changed and the more creative we got the more I let go of old notions and constrictions. This is an amazingly personalized journey. Jess uses a kinesthetic approach and even through Zoom managed to perceive my physical and energetic responses to exercises and conversations. This is deep, spiritual, and dare I say therapeutic work, though it's not therapy. Now that I've moved into a new career, I carry Jess's questions and tools for self-inquiry through the body and it helps me navigate this new journey with resilience." 

 Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell
Theater Director and Montessori Teacher

"Your wisdom and the tools I've gained from working with you are priceless!" 

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