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In this first reboot episode we will meet my new friend and colleague Jessica Childs. Jessica is a Sex and and Intimacy Coach who has had her toes in many different things over the years. We will discuss how she overcame a crippling illness and found her desire again. Boundaries and raising rambunctious boys! She also flips the script and turns interviewer on me. 


In this remarkable conversation with Jessica Childs, we discuss  Lyme Disease and Perimenopause, Holding Boundaries (or not) with Integrity, and showing up with vulnerability and presence. Our conversation includes:

  • Jessica’s experience of perimenopause 

  • Lyme disease and perimenopause

  • Finding an embodied state in the face of pain and discomfort

  • Reframing Insomnia

  • Using masturbation as an antidote to insomnia and other unpleasant situations

  • What does an intimacy coach do?

  • Looking at boundaries as both a limit and a capacity

  • Examining different ways that humans respond to boundary crossing

  • "How can I do me better?" Letting go of cultural messages that don’t serve us and returning to our animal bodies.

  • The interplay of hormones and our drive

  • Why self-awareness is not only good for your life, it’s good for the world.

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Little odds and ends recorded and loaded onto youtube for easy access.

More Coming Soon!

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