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  • What is Somatic Sex and Relationship Therapy?
    We aren't taught how to have connected, supportive relationships and delicious, fulfilling sex. In fact, what we learn from our culture, upbringing and personal experiences is often exactly the opposite : how to shut down and protect ourselves from getting too close to the ones we desire and love. We experience this in many ways and there is an incomplete list of what I work with below. Somatic Sex and Relationship Therapy helps individuals and couples overcome fixed patterns at the somatic the restore authenticity, resiliency and connection where it counts. By working in an embodied and experiential way, this form of therapy transcends talking and gets the ball rolling with practices that allow new awarenesses and patterns to emerge. We evolved to be in juicy, easy relationship with one another. Come see me to learn new skills, gain confidence, root out shame and misunderstanding... let's discover your full potential in sex and relationships.
  • What is Experiential Therapy?
    In sessions with me, we have the option of entering into a "relationship lab" where you will have the opportunity to explore authentic and secure connection. We work together to create experiences that lead to joy, ease and pleasure in relationships and sex. Empathy, attunement and radical deshamification are the keystones of my work. Traditional talk therapy has its merits, but it is limited to the realm of thoughts, concepts and words. In my work, I encourage people to get out of the theory and get into the lived experience of fulfilling and powerful connection with others.
  • An Incomplete List Of Issues I Work With :
    For Ages 18-118 : Loss of libido Lack of attraction Communication and conflict resolution skills Healing from sexual trauma Meeting and dating Premature ejaculation Erection discrepancies Trouble reaching orgasm Anxiety around sex Couples (or polys, etc) experiencing bed-death Navigating different desires Relationship Repair Fawning/appeasing High-conflict, low connection patterns Expanding what's on the sexual menu Fantasies/desires that conflict with values Divorce, separation Sex and relationships in menopause Sex/Relationship positive parenting
  • What you gain from working with me:
    Confidence Radical self-acceptance Self-knowledge about what really turns you's probably not what you think. Skills and experience to get more of what fulfills you in sex and relationships Passion, Romance, Seduction, Dominance, Spiritual....the flavors on the sexual menu Deeper connection and safety in relationships. Excellent communication Training in an "Ethic of Repair" Erotic embodiment and access your full range of pleasurable experiences. Better sex and nourishing relationships. Once you start on this journey, more and more pleasure will unfold before a golden staircase...long after our work together has ended.
  • What are the boundaries when you work with clients?
    Wow. So thoughtful of you to ask. Can you imagine a world where people were encouraged to just state their boundaries up front instead of tiptoeing around to figure out who is game for what? Let's practice that world now! I have a few hard boundaries when I work with clients. Feel free to tell me yours. 100% of clothing stays on 100% of the time. Touching of genitals, kissing or sexual escalation is a hard no. Anything that happens in a session will require the consent of both parties.
  • Why "Oracle" Intimacy?
    The wisdom and possibilities that are always present and available in our body-beings feels much like tapping into the magic of life. When from a young age, we are conditioned to "think" our way through life, tapping into the body's wisdom feels much like drinking from the pools of oracles. Also, I have a thing for magic :)
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